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Trustedg.com is the first online marketplace in Bangladesh. Wherever all kinds of buyers, retailers and wholesalers of Bangladesh are on the same platform. Outside the online marketplace, those who sell products retail in stores or shopping malls have to rely on their company representatives to purchase products to suit their needs. Over time, they do not get the products they need, which causes them to suffer commercially and all the problems that ordinary consumers go through when shopping online. Thinking about the problems of the vendors with those problems, we are going to create a marketplace through which our only aim is to overcome all the limitations of the e-commerce industry in our country, in order to solve the problem.

Position of Bangladesh in Online Shopping:

Only 5 percent of smartphone users in Bangladesh are regularly shopping from online shops, which is far behind in neighboring India and Pakistan, according to a study by research platform GSMA Intelligence. About 25 percent of smartphone users in India and 12 percent in Pakistan are shopping online regularly. At present, there are about two and a half million smartphones in Bangladesh, meaning that only 1 million people are shopping online every month. The GSMA survey – The Mobile Economy Asia Pacific, 23 – found that more than 1 percent of smartphone users buy products even less frequently. About 5 percent never tried online shopping, which, as in neighboring Myanmar, found a recently published report. There are about 8 million active internet users in Bangladesh, but from official data, it has been seen as around 5 million, said Mashroor, former president of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). Currently, the industry is receiving orders of 1 to 3 to 6, so orders would not have been reached if the number of buyers did not reach 1 lakh. At present, the market size is around Tk 1 billion and it is growing at 5 to 7 percent.

The reasons for staying in this position of online shopping in Bangladesh are:




City Dependency

People in Bangladesh understand that online shopping or e-commerce means only people who live in the city, some people understand and use it in departmental cities but it is still out of reach for the police station or district level people. Because e-commerce in our country is only promoting city-centric promotion.

Besides the city, the rural system has to be given priority as most of our people live in the village so they have to bring in the mainstream of e-commerce by promoting them. Only then can we make our e-commerce industry possible.

Limitations of the exact source of the product

Retailers do not know the exact source of gun products. They rely on the sales representative of the company to buy the product. As a result, they do not get the right product at the right time, resulting in a lot of damage to them commercially.

In order not to rely on a company sales representative, we need to bring all the wholesalers together and ensure the proper sources of the product….

Supply of goods

If a product is ordered from the police station or district level outside the city, it takes at least 3 to 5 days to reach the customer, but it takes only 2 days to our nearest country India. Because of this, the people of the village have not yet gained confidence in e-commerce.

If we have to reduce the time of supply of goods, then we will be reluctant to bring people to the industry. For this, there should be adequate transportation facilities or a wire house at the departmental or district level.


There are some product suppliers in our country who cheat on the consumers without worrying about the quality of the product in order to make more profit.

If we want to preserve the e-commerce industry, we must first look at the quality of the first product.

Experience about the product market

There are some products in our country that are very famous internationally but those who produce those products do not know in which market they have to market their products?

All the products of our country such as ax shipple, handicraft industry should be made aware of the standard production and market of products.

Product restrictions

Therefore, in all places of our country, essential products are not yet available online. There is a demand for one type of product in one place but it cannot supply online shopping. So the e-commerce industry is still far behind in our country.

To meet the needs of the people by providing local products as per the local demand. All specialty products of specialty special places should be introduced to the international market as well as the production of all those products, with the people all over the country.


Yet the people of our country are not able to gain experience in buying and selling online, so they are deceived by buying wrong products, which in turn leads to their inability to buy online slowly.

We need to make people of our country well aware. Then people will gradually be attracted to online shopping.

Rare availability of agricultural products

Farmers in our country do not know that their products can be sold through online, which is why their products are sold at higher prices than others and there is an artificial crisis of products in the market. Can’t

We need to create awareness among the farmers as we market our agricultural products online. Through which we can create demand for agricultural products in the international market while simultaneously facing the production of our country’s farmers.

What is the difference between general e-commerce and Trustedg.com?

General e-commerce


  • Only retail sales are made.
  • Agricultural products are not sold.
  • Supply of city-based products.
  • Quality of the product is not accepted at 5%.
  • Only pictures of the product are displayed.
  • Interest in domestic products is low.
  • Delivery of the product takes longer.
  • Retail sales will be accompanied by wholesale sales.
  • The importance of selling agricultural products is of greater importance.
  • In addition to the city, village products will be provided.
  • Quality of the product will be 5% guaranteed.
  • In addition to displaying the image in 360 degree angle, the video will be displayed.
  • The importance of indigenous products will be more. For example: Cottage or handicraft.
  • Products will be delivered in a quick time.

Vision of Trustedg.com

Making people with confidence buy & sell online in Bangladesh and 100% quality products ensure for  buyer and give security for seller. TrustEdg.com Trusted Products Quality Ensure for you

The mission of Trustedg.com

  • Bringing all wholesalers on the same platform to ensure easy availability of products.
  • To make rural life easier.
  • Rural people who are interested in buying and selling goods online.
  • Accept within a short time of ordering the product.
  • To facilitate the supply of goods.
  • Ensure quality supply of quality products.
  • To research the local product market.
  • Accessibility of the product is guaranteed.
  • Finding new sources of quality products.
  • Facilitate the sale of products to local vendors.
  • To ensure fair prices for local vendor products.
  • Promoting marginal cottage industry.
  • To facilitate market varieties of agricultural products.
  • Marginal small commodity producers to maximize production.
  • Supply of goods as per customer demand.
  • Reduce the cost of supply of goods.
  • Each of our departmental cities will have a war house.
  • Our headquarters will be in Dhaka City
  1. Control all war houses in the divisional city
  2. Provide information about the sales of the product to the seller
  3. To introduce our domestic product to the international market
  4. Finding the source of foreign goods according to the needs of the people of our country.
  5. To study the domestic product market and international product market.
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